Pam Corrie

PamCorrie-CEO-Beach Aviation Group - Florida

Pam Corrie is CEO/Owner of Beach Aviation Group, providing “hands-on” leadership across the organization utilizing technical engine expertise combined with proven success in marketing and sales, distribution management, procurement, and asset management drive growth, revenue, and profitability. Mrs. Corrie is an accomplished aerospace entrepreneur. Prior to founding Beach Aviation Group in 2016, Mrs. Corrie assisted in starting TrueAero in 2013, and grew it successfully despite one of the most difficult times in the industry’s history. Pam Corrie is an entrepreneurial aerospace business leader with proven success strategies in relationship management, investment valuations, fiscal, strategic, and operational management. Mrs. Corrie currently resides in Vero Beach, Florida with her husband and two boys.

Aimee Hardy

Aimee Hardy - Beach Aviation Group, FloridaAimee Hardy joined Beach Aviation Group in 2018 as our Repair Manager. She handles all the Engine Repairs. She has more than 20 years’ experience in customer service and support with recognized strength in account maintenance, problem solving and troubleshooting. She has proven the ability to be able to increase sales, revenue and account basis with her experience. She has displayed proficiency in interpersonal relationships with clients, effectively marketing and conveying value of products and services to clients. Aimee currently resides with her daughter and son in Vero Beach, Florida.

Fabrizio Belfiore

Fabrizio Belfiore - Beach Aviation Group, Florida

Fabrizio Belfiore joined Beach Aviation Group in 2017 as the Accounts Manager / Quality. He has more than 5 years’ experience in customer service and support. He has strong analytical abilities, is detail oriented and efficient in the aviation industry.

Fabrizio is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. Fabrizio currently resides in Vero Beach, Florida.

Fritzi Hearndon

Fritzi Hearndon - Beach Aviation Group, Florida

Fritzi Hearndon joined Beach Aviation Group in 2016 as the Director of Sales, Quality and Operations. She is responsible for Global Sales & Marketing. Fritzi held increasingly responsible, leadership positions for 25 years at Rooms to Go before joining Beach Aviation Group. More recently, her duties include marketing, management, leasing and aftermarket support. That encompassed management of customer focus teams and sales specialists, which interfaced with lessors, banks and financial institutions. Fritzi leads a team of individuals in buying, selling, marketing and leasing of assets since 2016. Fritzi currently resides in Sebastian, Florida with her husband.

Dennis McDougall

Dennis McDougall - Beach Aviation Group, Florida

Dennis McDougall joined Beach Aviation Group in 2018 as the Director of Finance. He is an Accounting/Treasury Analyst with 20 plus years of experience, providing high level of corporate and client satisfaction in sensitive fast-paced Mortgage Backed Securities Investments, Financial Services, Aerospace and Transport/Shipping Industries. Reputation as a meticulous professional with excellent problem solving and analytical skills. Superior communication skills easily interact with management, clients and staff.  Technically proficient in multiple software programs. Plug and Play employee. Dennis currently resides in Vero Beach, Florida with his wife and two boys.

Michael Stone

 -Michael Stone - Beach Aviation Group, Florida
Michael Stone joined Beach Aviation Group in 2018. He is a licensed Georgia Attorney who just recently relocated to sunny Vero Beach, Florida with his family.

Michael currently manages all legalities of our new Logistics side of Beach Aviation Group shipping. He will also assist with the growth of the asset procurement division of Beach Aviation Group.